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airbrush step by step magazin 2018/2

meiner arbeit in der nächsten Ausgabe der zeitschrift „Airbrush Step by Step“ 2018/2


Affiche web 2017   Affiche Festival 2016 web


Hidden Treasure Art Magazine 2014

‚The self-expression is building a ‚bridge‘ between people and  its surroundings‘- A. Bathory is coming from the professional film maker industry  as camera-man and editor. At the early Nineties he shocked the Western European public with his experimental movies as Eastern European. Since 1996 his creativity has been visualized by airbrush gun. . His art in that he prefers to give a komplex and overall design of the vehicle, wall, helmet and so on by creating a new meaning of it with the combining of classical design and modern elements. Bolts and bloody gears, oily mechanics are hallmark his style.

Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2014 England

Publisher, editor and curator Georgia Szollosi


Airbrush Step By Step Magazine 2014 – Steampunk Herbie

Herbie groß in Fahrt – Andras Bathory verwirklicht seinen Käfer-Traum. Andras Bathory erweckt den schnellen Flitzer und Disney- Helden Herbie zu neuem Leben. Mehr Informationen über die Projektreihe sind auch hier zu finden.




Airbrush Technique Magazine  2014 Issue 46 – USA, Florida

My love for the visual arts started at a very early age, it was a great pleasure in my childhood which luckily has develeoped into a career as an adult. I became involved in shoothing short movies with friends which lead to receiving awards at international film fetivals for one of my short films. At 16 those awards really motivated me to get more involved in the film indsutry. In 1990 I started working in TV and film production as a cinematographer here in Hungary which eventually evolved into learning classical film cutting and digital editing. During this time period I designed movie posters and took up cartoon animation. I was opened for new challenges so I tried the airbrushing as another genre of visual art…..(read on picture)

What inspires you to paint?

There are favourite styles for me and I´m interested in lateral thinking. Typically the challenge to create something unsual and new is what really inspires me

airbrush magazin USA FL


Fighterama Magazine  2012  – Deutschland






Kustom Mazine – BELGIUM – 2007

030 Artiest Andras1

030 Artiest Andras2


Custim Bike Magazin  –  2005  –  Hungary




AutoMotorSport Magazine   –  2005  – Hungary

AMS_A festékpisztoly művésze_2005_03


Biker Magazine  –  2005  –  Hungary

biker magazin 2006